Another Great Week to be a Raider Fan

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Sports
Tags: , , , , – The Oakland Raiders squandered an early lead and fell to the New York Giants 24-20 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

When I tell people I am a Raiders fan I always get “Are you from California?” Me “No I’m from New York.” Asshole “Then why are you a Raiders fan?” Me “Who gives a baker’s fuck? I love losing.” I hate when people ask why someone is a fan of a team. Who really cares? Does it change your day? Like with me and the Yankees, I always get asked who is my favorite player. Are you fucking kidding me? Like I have to pass some kind of IQ test on team knowledge to be qualified as a true fan. If you ever ask someone something like that, save your time, go home and jerk off to your ugly wife and stupid kid. You are an asshole and no one likes you. If you think your friends like you, you most likely bring the best chips that are kind of expensive that no one else wants to pony up the cash for so they keep you around.

Oh and fuck the Giants, probably going to win another fucking Super Bowl. Well Eli, I hope this image haunts your dreams this week imagesCAJY1GF0




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