T-Rich Plows 3 Chicks in Sex Tape

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Sports
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Yardbarker- TMZ reported on Tuesday evening that somebody is attempting to sell off a sex tape involving the former first round pick and current Indianapolis running back. The story claims that the tape shows Richardson “engaged in an orgy with at least three women.” Richardson’s camp had not commented on the TMZ report as of Wednesday morning.

Trent Richardson really needs to team up with DWade on this whole “3” thing. Think about it..#3 in college, 3rd pick in the draft, #33 in Cleveland, averaging 3 yards a carry, probably drafted number 3 in your fantasy draft and is now either your RB3 or on the bench, and he banged 3 chicks in a sex tape. Now that I add all that up, fuck DWade, that’s far too many 3’s in TRich’s life to ignore. And will I watch this, maybe maybe not. I don’t really need to see a guy with a bigger dick than I have bang chicks hotter than I can bang. Hasn’t stopped me before though so when it hits PornHub we’ll get our answer.



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