Stop Acting Surprised That McDonalds is Barely Food

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Sports
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GMA- The Northeast’s first snowfall is a sure sign of winter, but there’s another signal that McDonald’s fans look forward to: the return of the McRib. Cover your eyes, though, if you plan on enjoying one sometime soon, as a photo recently surfaced on Reddit identified as the frozen version of the McRib meat.
What’s usually seen as the cult favorite pork rib sandwich slathered in tangy barbecue sauce and topped with slivered onions and sliced pickles on a hoagie-style bun is completely unrecognizable in this picture trending online.
When asked for confirmation that the white hunk is indeed a McRib, McDonald’s provided this statement: “There are few things more legendary at McDonald’s than the McRib. It is a boneless, seasoned pork patty on a bun with slivered onions, two dill pickle slices and plenty of our sweet, smoky, barbecue style sauce. One reason our customers love the McRib is its fun and wonderful shape. Just like a burger patty is formed to be round and flat, we form the iconic McRib in the shape of traditional ribs. We then flash freeze the patty to seal in flavor and freshness, just like you freeze meat in your own freezer, before going to our restaurants. The McRib is also known for its iconic taste, which is why we use a quality cut of pork – pork shoulder – to give our McRib lovers a thicker, meatier McRib experience.”

I hope people aren’t still surprised when they find out that McDonalds isn’t serving them real food. We all know the stories: Pink slime, Fries that never go bad, bread that doesn’t get moldy. McNuggets that are only now made with 100% real chicken. And maybe the most unexplainable phenomena, extra good ass fucking Coca Cola. I don’t know and/or want to know why the only thing that can cure a debilitating hangover is a Coke and a Big Mac but it works every time.
Meanwhile the best tasting meat like rib sandwich you can order from a window and be eating in under 2 minutes is formed in a press and made to look you’re actually eating a rack of ribs bones and all. Personally I don’t care if it looked like a giant Mexican potato dick and was called the McCumShot I would order it loud and proud. I need the extra BBQ sauce though. Makes the whole sandwich.
Side Note- Someday when we all wake up from the Matrix we’ll be pulling food tubes out of our throats that are owned by McDonalds. We are all batteries for the machines being powered by McSlurries.
#Fightthepower #Donttreadonme #Mindthegap #blahblahblah


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