Beyonce Fooling Absolutely Nobody

Posted: November 15, 2013 in popular culture & entertainment, Sports
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Just a Ninja Buying Diamond Encrusted Throwing Stars

E Online-Beyoncé is pulling a Kanye West…or perhaps a Justin Bieber!

The singer was spotted wearing a black Louis Vuitton ski mask in Los Angeles despite her attempts to go unnoticed.

But between the puffy checkered jacket, and her surrounding entourage, the accessory did little to camouflage Queen Bey.

The “Grown Woman” singer was seen walking into a trailer on a closed set, but no word yet exactly what project she’s currently working on—though some fan sites are suggesting she’s filming her “Bow Down” video.

Nothing screams “I’m a celebrity!” like wearing a black designer ski mask in the middle of LA but hey, props for trying to be discreet I guess.
And how pissed does she have to be that this picture was probably snapped the second she stepped outside? She’s standing in front of the mirror about to leave thinking; “Ok, I’ll put on my 600 dollar ninja mask and a checkerboard coat. You know, basically the same pattern that they put on runways to get the attention of airplanes flying around in the fucking sky! Especially since I’m trying to blend in with a Shinobi convention being held on the floor of a 1950s diner. I’m so fucking smart!”



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