Brian Wilson Will Never Be A Yankee

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Sports
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Fox Sports- The New York Yankees have crossed Brian Wilson off their list. Everyone else should put him at the top of theirs. It’s not so much that Wilson turned down a chance to play for the hallowed Pinstripes. We should admire him for the reason why. In a society overrun by opportunists, sellouts and politicians who check their principles at the Capitol door, Wilson stands up for what he believes. In this case, he believes in his beard.
It’s not just any beard. If you haven’t seen it, picture a cross between Bigfoot and one of those Duck Dynasty guys. Wilson’s chin is a magnificent work of whisker art, but the Yankees consider beards the equivalent of black-velvet paintings. With Mariano Rivera retired, New York is shopping for a closer. Wilson returned from elbow surgery late in the season and looked like his old bearded self. He’s one of the top relievers on the free-agent market. And you know how the Yankees cherish free agents.“You can cross him off the list,” Brian Cashman told reporters at the GM Meetings this past week in Orlando, Fla.
Wilson passed up a $1 million offer from a razor company to shave his beard. Sure, he has made more than $22 million in his career. But a million bucks is still a million bucks.

What an IDIOT! (Will Ferrell Wedding Crashers voice) How much a fucking loser are you that you won’t shave your beard to join the greatest sports franchise in the history of the United States. Hate the Yankees all you want, they always have a chance to make some noise and get a ring. I respected him before when he said he would never play for the Bronx Bombers because he grew up hating them, that makes sense. But grow the fuck up bro. Now you won’t over a beard? And you won’t take a million dollars to shave? Now you’re just trying to get some headlines because no one gives a shit about you since you got hurt. Have fun in Houston or wherever you land that doesn’t care about ugly overgrown beards.


And I would do so many horrible things to myself and others for a million dollars it’s unbelievable. If you have the money I dare you to call my bluff. No seriously, please do it.
Other worst part of the story, this asshole stills probably gets a ton of pussy. Without the beard he is a really handsome, rich, jacked baseball player. With it he looks like a shitty Chewbacca rolling in the puss-puss


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