Dez Bryant Did Something Good With His Money

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Sports
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ESPN- Dez Bryant buys PS4s for shoppers. Christmas came early for several shoppers at a Dallas Walmart, with Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant playing the role of Santa Claus. Bryant showed up to purchase a Sony PlayStation 4 on the night of the new video game system’s launch and decided on a whim to purchase one for several other shoppers who were waiting in line. The PlayStation 4s retail for a little more than $500. At local video game stores across North Texas, gamers waited outside for the new PS4 to be released.

So many times I read this story and I replaced “shoppers” with “strippers” even though this had nothing to do with naked chicks. Just seemed to fit better with Dez. But how else could you gain favor with your fans after a few shitty games than to buy them the new PS4? Solid move by Dez. Since I couldn’t be there to enjoy the spoils I would just appreciate some fucking YAC for my fantasy team. Asshole.

And I don’t care if Hitler and his smug ass moustache comes through Wal-Mart while I’m in line for the PS4, if he buys me one, maybe I don’t hate him as much. Especially if he gives me his gamer tag and I can play him online. Because at that point I can then tell him what dudes in jail are doing to his mom while I run for 5 TDs and throw for 3 more with Terrell Pryor.


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