Scott Boras Wants to Move the Rays

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Sports
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USA Today- Baseball super-agent Scott Boras made an interesting suggestion at the MLB general managers’ meetings on Wednesday. Boras thinks the Tampa Bay Rays should consider moving to New Jersey. From the Star-Ledger:
“I think there’s a lot of cities that may attract them, but I don’t know…maybe…maybe New Jersey would like their win percentage,” Boras said, completing his takedown of the Tampa Bay market….
Tampa Bay had the worst attendance in the majors in 2013, when Rays averaged a 18,645 fans per game at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla., a facility universally regarded as outdated. They also finished last in 2012 and 29th in 2011 despite posting a winning record each season.
“I would say the Tale of Two Cities: The one they’re in and the one they should be in,” Boras said, when asked how to describe the situation.

A lot of people hate on Scott Boras, Jay-Z even “spit hot fire” about him on a rap, but I love the guy. He makes his clients a shit ton of money, he backs the best in the business, and he’s absolutely correct about moving the Rays. He is just off on where to put them. I live in Sarasota so I am within 25 mins of any Rays game yet I, like most other people, only attend when certain teams are in town (the Yankees for me). No one wants to go to the games because it’s in a shitty location, the team plays small ball, and they never pony up the cash to keep big names on the team. Fuck the haters who talk shit about the stadium. If you have ever gone to a game in Florida in September you will take anything that has AC and is in a dome. And they have Outback bloomin’ onions, so there’s that. I think the team would definitely prosper and stay in Tampa if they would ever make a bid on a big name or even keep their Cy Young winners in town but who knows. Maybe they would do better somewhere else, the northeast is just too stocked with teams for that to work. Personally if they move anywhere it should be Puerto Rico. Players could go from high school and walk across the street and play pro ball. And I’ll be damned if Boras isn’t at every game scouting those players.

The only Rays superfan



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