Michael Jordan, Meet Your New Stalker

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Sports
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What Happens When You Give a Retard Some Money

The only real problem I have with this guy is; Why the fuck does he bother wearing a shirt?! If you’re going to spend what is guaranteed to be 4 years of your salary on a full back Michael Jordan collage with his name and face no less than 3 times each, then why are you wasting your time covering it up? There’s no chance that he doesn’t bring it up every fucking time he opens his mouth, so basically this monstrosity is an excuse to be constantly pulling your shirt off in front of people. The shirt which definitely reads: ‘Ask Me About My Jordan Tattoo’ by the way. And I noticed there’s some room on the bottom right and there’s not one picture of him in a White Sox uni. Let’s get on top of that.



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