St. Pierre’s Personal Issues

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Sports
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Looks like Georges likes to add a little creamer to his coffee

Looks like Georges likes to add a little creamer to his coffee

TMZ- Georges St-Pierre will take a break from the UFC to handle 2  major personal crises — his father is dying and he got a woman pregnant and  doesn’t want her to have the baby … TMZ Sports has  learned. GSP repeatedly made cryptic remarks after his  controversial win Saturday over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 —  telling Joe Rogan he needed to step away from the sport to deal  with personal issues. Now, sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ  Sports … Georges’ dad is dying and it’s derailed him. And there’s  this … GSP recently learned he knocked up a woman — and he doesn’t want to  have a baby with her but she insists on keeping it.

Wow. That’s all I can say there. While I will not change my opinion that he definitely lost the fight, but this is a whole new angle to the story. This also raises a few more questions. Why didn’t George just tell Dana White to fuck off and that his dad is dying. The UFC just had one of the best fights in it’s 20 year history with Jones/Foreign Guy, I think they could’ve bumped Evans/Sonnell to the main event and just said St Pierre had some family stuff and no one would’ve cared. There are like 90 events a year, it’s ok to push one back. Another thing is Dana White is only kind of a prick for his comments made after the fight. He kept saying that George would be back, he thinks his problems are worse than they are, and that no one just steps away for a break. He’s a prick because it’s up to St. Pierre to stay or go. He will make millions no matter where he is at least for a few more years so if I’m Dana I don’t get too cocky too quick. But it’s pretty cool he’s saying that unborn baby isn’t that big of a deal and it’s being taken out of proportion. Guaranteed Dana has a couple suitcases full of cash show up on that chick’s doorstep if she “takes care” of the problem so the UFC gets their cash cow back in the octagon. That’s a power move.



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