UFC Judges Fuck Up Once Again

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Sports
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ESPN — Georges St-Pierre successfully defended the UFC welterweight title a ninth time Saturday, beating Johny Hendricks by split decision before saying he would “go away for a little bit,” raising immediate questions on whether the champion is quitting the sport.But UFC president Dana White insisted in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t expect St-Pierre to take any leave of absence and that the promotion will seek to book an immediate rematch with Hendricks. White also said he was “blown away” by the decision, claiming “Georges knew he lost, his corner knew he lost, Hendricks knew he won, and his corner knew they won.” St-Pierre (25-2), one of the most decorated fighters in UFC history, won via split decision for the first time in front of a sold-out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Two judges scored the five-round title fight 48-47 in favor of the defending champion, while a third saw it 48-47 for Hendricks. ESPN.com scored the bout for Hendricks, 48-47.

With all the power that Dana White wields around, how has this now happened in back to back main events? The Jon Jones fight was harder to decide I guess, but I am in the majority thinking he lost. Now St. Pierre got his fucking clock cleaned and he wins the fight. Are you fucking kidding? Look at his face. He admitted he doesn’t remember a ton of the fight because Hendricks hits like a truck, while Johny didn’t have a mark on him. I watched every second of that fight and I think I saw Georges (and what’s up with that “s” George, grow up) land one good shot and get far fewer take downs. Isn’t that how you judge a fight, by what they do in the ring and not who they are to the company? Bullshit all around. I love the UFC but two fuck ups in a row is really annoying. Step it up Dana.



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