Posted: November 22, 2013 in Sports
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So I was just asked a very strange question. I am at work and we have cookies here for our clients. Naturally I eat about 7-32 a day. That may sound like a lot to you, but I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas so fuck off. So I have a plate of 4 cookies and they are just your run of the mill, supermarket brand so they are a little crunky. I, being a civilized person, decided to put them in the microwave and a lady here asked what I was doing as if I just put her child in the oven. She was just flabbergasted by the thought that I would heat up my cookies so they are soft and gooey. Is this strange? I know not everyone is on my “put ketchup on eggs” train but I can’t be the only person who heats up cookies before eating them. Personally if you like your non chip food crunchy, you are a terrorist and should be waterboarded (i.e. bacon, cookies, pizza)




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