Patriots Problem Solved. You’re Welcome.

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Sports
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Whitehaven Patriots

So I’m watching the Pats v. Broncos game trying to figure out why the Patriots look so god awful and then I see a glaring problem on their offense. A bright, pasty white Caucasian, glaring problem. Like nine ghost white guys on offense who have never seen even a picture of the sun type problem. Like how the fuck do you expect to be competitive in this league when your trotting out nine mayonnaise skinned cream puffs every time you’re trying to score? I don’t care if Tom Brady is your QB, you better be throwing at some talent or you’re fucked. A professional porn star fucker is only going to get you so far. Michaels and Collinsworth aren’t saying it but I will. Get some fucking black people on your team or get the fuck out of the way! This isn’t your dads Celtics from the 60’s anymore Boston, you can’t be good without athleticism and talent anymore.

Update: Tom Brady is a god and white people aren’t all that bad.


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