State Issues License Plate to a Bitchy WHO R8X

Posted: November 27, 2013 in popular culture & entertainment, Sports
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Definitely a WHO R8X

Charlene Sakoda, Odd News- A Missouri driver did not appreciate the message she saw on the state issued license plate that she recently received. KTVI Fox 2 News reported that Deb Levy’s new plate read “WH0 R8X” something she was offended by and felt could be read as, “whore eight times.” It’s a message, placed below the state’s nickname the “Show Me State,” that is insulting to Deb.
In KTVI’s report the upset driver said, “I’m driving around with that plate and people go, ‘Oh there’s a [bleep]. There’s a [bleep].’” She added, “Who wants to drive around with that word on the back of your car? Would you?” Deb’s teen daughter Abigail agrees with her mother saying, “Yeah it’s probably not a good idea to drive it.”
So the Missouri mom has decided to keep the expired license plate on her car’s bumper and carry the current plate inside the car just in case a police officer stops her. Deb filed a complaint with the state and asked for a replacement but was told that she would have to pay a fee of $17. While the cost is seemingly small the Missouri driver said, “It is not about the money, but when I showed it to them they said it just said, ‘Who.’…Can you spell?” Still, some commenters on the station’s story wrote that they see no problem with the plate and also read it as, “Who R8X.”

This dumb uppity bitch can’t possibly be serious can she? I read this plate 30 times before I gave up and read the story. I was sitting on my couch saying “R-8-X” aloud trying to hear what the fucking problem was. Couldn’t get it. Maybe I’m the retard. Or…Or maybe this bitch is secretly wishing someone thought she was a whore. This plate is her fantasy and now that God has dropped her calling card on her lap she suddenly has a conscious and can’t deal with all of her dreams coming true. Suddenly she’s concerned about what her family thinks. I’m not buying it sugar tits. If you look at that plate and see “Whore 8 times” in the first 1,000 times you read it, then you are a whore, no less than 8 times. Let me give you a real sob story: My grandma’s plate reads ANL and some numbers. ANL. That is unmistakable. I don’t care what the numbers are, after the first part reads ANL, you’re definitely getting honked at and propositioned at red lights. I know, because I was sitting in the car when it happened. It’s not comfortable.


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