Is It Worse To Be A Redskins Fan Or A Browns’ Fan?

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Sports
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Washington Post – They have faced extremely long odds for a number of weeks now, but with their 24-17 loss to the New York Giants, the Washington Redskins officially saw their playoff aspirations come to an end. Now owners of a 3-9 record, the Redskins can finish no better than 7-9 on the season. Because the Dallas Cowboys won their game on Thursday, they improved to 7-5 on the year. Dallas holds tie-breaker advantages over the Redskins and also owns a 4-0 record in the NFC East.

You may look at the headline and think to yourself, “how could anything be worse than being a Browns fan?” and normally you would be correct, but let me break this down for you. Both teams are currently out of the playoff picture. The AFC is shitty and I’m sure there is some off chance the Browns could have a shot, not likely though. So let’s just look to next year and figure out which fan base has a better chance to take a header off the nearest skyscraper.


Head Coach-
The Skins have Mike Shanahan. With that comes a very red face, a few Super Bowls, endless knowledge on how to win in the 80’s NFL. Also a 7 million dollar contract and a shitty coordinator in a son…The Browns have Rob Chudzinski who is a younger guy but he is a large polack who played for Miami in the 80’s so I’m sure he can beat some ass. Also his contract is 3 mill…WINNER: Browns. Nostalgia isn’t winning any games here, this is a young man’s game and the 4 mill difference is a big one. Side Note..Norv Turner is the only man in the NFL with a worse skin thing than red faced Shanahan.

Team- (yes that is vague and all encompassing I’m already sick of writing this so I’m doing the teams as a whole). The Redskins have a horrid special teams, weak defense, decent RBs that can’t stay healthy, and a QB who either regressed greatly or never fully recovered from a god awful knee injury from the year before. This same QB also cost the Skins roughly 12 first round picks, so good Front Office skills there…The Browns have a good defense with a great DB in Joe Haden, a good offensive line anchored by Joe Thomas, probably a good special teams I’m not sure, but they have literally no one at QB and RB. I’m not even sure if they start one anymore. But they shed the HIGHLY overrated TRich (future porn star when his career is over) for a first round pick from the Colts. So in an upcoming draft with a lot of good QBs and skill position players, the Browns will have a top 10 pick and also a mid rounder to work with. Non sarcastically good front office moves there.

So the Browns have a young team with a future, if they can draft a QB that is completely opposite Brandon Weeden in every way, in a division that is steadily weakening. The Redskins have to hope RG3 can rebound from a bad season and they can make something work with Red Face Shanahan and no draft picks to speak of in a strangely competitive division. Somehow the Browns win. Congrats Cleveland, don’t kill yourself just yet. Somehow survive the upcoming winter that will give your balls frostbite and you may have a good football team next year!
And this whole post is from the non-Browns fan of this blog.




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