My Weekend: The Ups and Downs

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Sports
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This whole weekend was like a rollercoaster of emotion. Start with Thanksgiving. I take my family and we go have dinner with my dad and my aunt, uncle, cousins, random people that I haven’t seen in like 15 years. Great time, great food, lots of beer and poker where I steal their money right in front of their eyes (with good cards, not like a felon). The Raiders start off against the Cowboys hot, on fire, can’t be stopped. Go to halftime with a slight lead (I think), and high hopes for the second half right? Fuck you. They forget to tackle, get first downs, or score points. Something happened in that locker room at halftime that ruined them for the second half. Either way I think it officially took them out of playoff contention with the loss. So basically that means I just get to enjoy the rest of the season feverishly grading every player for next year and watching the mock drafts and FAs they could possibly buy with 70 mil in cap space and no Al Davis…

Thankfully this guy has no control over the team

Thankfully this guy has no control over the team

Skip ahead to Sunday, we have some friends over to watch football, drink more beer, have a great time (not for Ken, the Browns lost to the Jags). I then check fantasy and I am kinda hanging in there fighting it out for the #1 seed in our league. I’m losing but it’s fine, I’ve put in the best players possible right? Fuck you. Alshon Jeffery is on the bench collecting touchdowns and yards like they are baby mamas and child support payments. Naturally I just keep up the drinking to hope that will help me win. It works because Peyton Manning throws a bunch of TDs to give me a ton of points and now I am tied with Beast Mode Lynch waiting to play tonight. I will win and take the #1 seed. To add to my happiness I am going to NYC to see the Jets play the Raiders and guess what, Geno Smith is replaced by one of the Simms clan (not racist)
Matt Simms or possibly Aaron Carter

Matt Simms or possibly Aaron Carter

and that gives the Raiders a better chance of winning when I am there (Every game I have seen live they lose so I’m like 0-6). I plan on being hammered and it’s going to be fucking freezing so I will be all hopped up so if you check out WorldStar after the game you may see me fighting a ninja or two. So that is my weekend’s roller coaster of emotion. Happy to sad to happy to sad to happy in NYC.



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