McCann Press Conference

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Sports
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As Live as I can make it..

Really awkward intros of the people on the dias, especially since they were naming amazing Yankee catchers and it’s clear Girardi wasn’t going to be named except he’s the fucking manager. Everyone keeps making “insider” comments about being a catcher i.e. ‘sitting behind the dish’ ‘building up the middle’ ‘squatting with balls in the dirt’ (I may have made one up)

Brian Cashman talks a little then gives McCann’s wife some flowers and onsies..pretty much a power move telling McCann he hit that. The hug/kiss was a little too comfy

Girardi looks hungover

McCann will wear #34, I don’t know why but I’ve always liked that number, probably because of Bo Jackson

McCann appears to have no hair on his entire head, looking into whether he has some form of cancer or not..

No cancer, thanks google

Always nice to see a good, hardworking white guy get signed and then actually appear to be happy to be on a new team. He will do well here and he knows it. Long line of Yankee greats were catchers, not saying he will be one, but after losing out on Russell Martin to Pittsburg we need someone solid behind the “dish”

McCann “I’m a huge fan of Derek Jeter”.. that’s right, kiss the ring new guy

This is getting boring, same questions over and over. Hopefully the Ellsbury one will be better since the Sox just won a ring. Later faggots


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