Yahoo Finance- Director Martin Scorsese’s latest film, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” opened on Christmas Day with $9.2 million at the box office and has already been nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. But not everyone is amused by the antics depicted in the movie, a morality tale set against the backdrop of the 1980s stock market bubble and based on the real-life misadventures of convicted stock cheat Jordan Belfort. Christina McDowell, née Prousalis, whose own father, Tom Prousalis, worked with Belfort and was eventually convicted for his own role in their firm’s crimes, wrote an open letter to the moviemakers — and Belfort — that was published in the LA Weekly on Thursday, taking aim at the film’s backers and accusing them of glorifying Belfort’s actions. “I drove a white Range Rover in high school, snorted half of Colombia, and got any guy I ever wanted because my father would take them flying in his King Air. And then I unraveled the truth. The truth about my father and his behavior: that behind all of it was really just insidious soul-sucking shame masked by addiction, which we love to call ambition, which is really just greed. Greed and the desire for fame (exactly what you’ve successfully given self-appointed motivational speaker/financial guru Jordan Belfort, whose business opportunities will surely multiply thanks to this film).” Though the elder Prousalis was not depicted in the movie, Scorsese and the film’s stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, are guilty by association, she explains, for aligning themselves with an accomplished criminal in Belfort and “exacerbating our national obsession with wealth and status and glorifying greed and psychopathic behavior.” Yahoo Finance has reached out to McDowell for a comment on her post and will update this story with her thoughts if she responds. “You people are dangerous. Your film is a reckless attempt at continuing to pretend that these sorts of schemes are entertaining, even as the country is reeling from yet another round of Wall Street scandals. We want to get lost in what? These phony financiers’ fun sexcapades and coke binges? Come on, we know the truth. This kind of behavior brought America to its knees.”

Are these people for real? It’s dangerous to show this behavior, how dare you make entertainment out of people losing money? Is that a fucking joke? And one of the people talking shit about the movie BENEFITTED from the riches her father accumulated. Bitch did you go to jail? No. Your father did. You got to push a brand new Range Rover, fuck a bunch of dudes and blow a bunch of lines. Grow up Peter Pan. Count Chocula. This is a movie, based off a book, based on a guy’s life. He was a really good salesman, sold people shitty stock over the phone, and lived the life of a king. Yes it sucks people lost their money but guess what, DON’T EMPTY YOUR BANK ACCOUNT TO SOMEONE OVER THE PHONE! It’s like when people feel bad for drug addicts. Were they forced to shoot up heroin? If they were then I feel terrible but in 26 years I’ve yet to come across someone who forced hard drugs on me. They usually want to keep them for themselves. And anytime someone calls that is selling something you hang the fuck up. I don’t care if Jesus calls me and wants to sell me a VIP seat in Heaven next to Jimmy Gandolfini and Uncle Phil…But I saw this movie and guess what, it was just like the other Scorcese movies and it was fucking awesome.
leoLeo is perfect as a cocky salesman, Jonah Hill was great, McConnahey (no that’s not how you spell it) was funny as shit for his 10 mins, and the chicks in the movie were hot as fuck.
22 Naked as fuck too. It was basically Casino plus Goodfellas plus tons of humor and drugs. It ran a little long but the story was interesting so you didn’t care. And how dumb are these fucking people criticizing the movie for showing drugs, poor judgement, and debauchery in a fun way? For one, all of those things are really fun. Really fun. Secondly, the best movies and tv shows are the ones showing people doing bad things, that’s why we like them. You can watch Walter White make and sell meth from the comfort of your couch without going to jail. I can watch Leo snort coke out of a hookers asshole and not get divorced for joining in. The Sopranos was amazing for all the same reasons. You can watch Tony and the boys steal, murder, snort, and fuck while wishing you were doing it but not really. It’s the way the world works. So if you don’t like the content of the movie don’t fucking watch and let the rest of us enjoy one of the best flicks of the year. imagesCCZ5YMIW



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