Dennis Rodman Really Will Be Dead

Posted: January 7, 2014 in comedy, popular culture & entertainment, satire
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Watch out Rodman, Kim gets a little dicey after a few cocktails

Watch out Rodman, Kim gets a little dicey after a few cocktails

I know Ken covered this already, but this is the new CNN interview Rodman did. And I think it shows that this man really will be dead soon, but not for the reasons Ken is stating. He will either die of drug overdose (which he clearly is on something really good that I would like to try), or an American sniper is going to include him in their own personal version of the “Blue Comet” in North Korea. For those of you not familiar with The Sopranos and the Blue Comet episode, it is where the NY Lupertazze family tries to take out the top members of the Soprano family within 24 hrs. I see the US doing that with North Korea and now adding Rodman to the bunch. Just call it a casualty of war. But here is the interview, if you speak ebonics you may have a chance at understanding what he is saying.

Look at the guy over his left shoulder, he has to be thinking “What in the FUCK did I sign up for?” And really why the hell are any of them over there. It must be cocaine and hooker city. Like the stuff you can’t even search for on PornHub because it’s too weird, they must get that for breakfast over there. Otherwise who in the hell wants to be in North Korea. Kim Jon Un has too much tequila and you miss a free throw, you get fed to fucking wild animals.

PS Hey Rodman, Seinfeld wants his puffy shirt back HAHA BOOM ROASTED (been waiting YEARS to use that joke)



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