Duck Dynasty..Who Cares?

Posted: January 8, 2014 in popular culture & entertainment, satire
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We honestly care what this fuckin guy thinks?

We honestly care what this fuckin guy thinks?

I may just be writing this for the ability to tag Duck Dynasty and get more followers, but who gives a shit. This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve come across. You all have heard the story so I’m not going to add a link or anything and yes the story is a little older so I’m sorry if this is beating a dead horse. I honestly have to ask, who gives a shit what this old, bearded, backwoods guy has to say? It’s like Honey Boo Boo saying cheetohs are better than steak. Or a Kardashian saying uncle OJ is innocent. It is absolutely stupid for anyone to give a flying fuck what these people have to say. I would rather take medical advice from the guy living under the bridge covered in his own, and others, shit than listen to what Phil from Duck Dynasty has to say about what he finds attractive. Maybe he hasn’t seen any good man ass out in the woods so he thinks the disgusting pig he shoves his tiny hairy dick into is the only thing on earth. Maybe no gym going, anal bleaching, Brazilian waxing Ricky Martin look-a-like has shown him what dude on dude action is all about. The only way I would even consider anything he has to say is if he had fucked a bunch of dudes and girls then decided a pussy is better than a “man’s anus”. I blame the guy interviewing him and that guy’s boss just as much as I blame Phil for even speaking. You are a writer for a worldwide men’s magazine that I read every month, that is dedicated to men’s health, grooming, and fashion. None of those things should be mentioned in the same sentence as Duck Dynasty. There should have never been an interview in the first place to sprout a quote that has someone gotten national attention. If we all just stop paying attention to him he will go away people. Anyone see Ja Rule in awhile? That’s what I thought.



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