Gruden Leaving Old Job To Coach The Redskins!!

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Sports
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Wrong J. Gruden

Wrong J. Gruden

Right J. Gruden

Right J. Gruden

USA TODAY- The Washington Redskins have their new coach. Jay Gruden has agreed to a five-year deal to replace Mike Shanahan, a person familiar with the situation tells USA TODAY Sports’ Jarrett Bell. The person was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter because the Redskins have not yet announced Gruden’s hiring.

Haha I had you there for a second, right? Did you really think Jon Gruden would leave the very cozy booth and 5 mill a year gig at ESPN to coach the woeful Redskins? Fuck no. I’m still not sure that Dan Snyder knows who he hired. He saw an interview for a Gruden, J and though it was just a formal way to write Jon and he hired him on the spot. Stupid little man. Now Jay does have experience with running an offense and he could do some good things with RG3, that is if his knee hasn’t officially turned into mashed potatoes, and the rest of that offense but only time will tell. The defense is still horrible and the special teams last year was literally the worst the NFL has ever seen. So good luck Fat Faced Gruden, you’ll, probably, be back in Arena Football in no time!



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