In an industry that constantly reboots, recycles and re-uses stories over and over and over, this was one of the most refreshing yet haunting films I’ve seen in years. Completely in and out of his wheelhouse, a rail thin Matthew ‘Alright alright alright” McConaughey plays a bull riding cowboy hustler who contracts the AIDs virus when it was just becoming a ‘thing’ in the world.

Still gets more pussy than me

Still gets more pussy than me

The movie starts off with McConaughey as Ron Woodroof, a poor electrician/aspiring rodeo guy (I guess that’s what they’re called), who drinks Bud heavy, whisky, snorts tons of coke, and loves to fuck chicks without rubbers. The last part is where he runs into trouble as he bangs a drug user without a jimmy cap and gets HIV. At the time he, like most people, thought only gay guys got it so when he was informed that he had the virus and 30 days to live he brushed it off like it was a fat drunk chick at a bar. When the symptoms started showing however, he begins stealing the medicine from the hospital to try and stay alive but in reality it was hurting more than helping. So what do does a person do when USA medicine doesn’t work? Head to Mexico god dammit and that’s what he does where he finds a guy who gives him natural non-toxic stuff that prolongs his life indefinitely. He then smuggles a shit ton up to Texas where he finds other people suffering from the virus, mostly all “faggets” as he so kindly refers to them, but he charges them tens of thousands less than the hospitals do so he rakes in the cash. Of course Johnny Law finds out, he gets in trouble, but fights the power and as always I won’t ruin the end but it’s true so you can easily look it up.
Overall this was a great film. The acting by McConaughey and Jared Leto was off the charts good, especially Leto. Let’s put this in perspective. I know Jared Leto is a dude. I am not gay so I am therefore not attracted to men. He plays a transgender AIDs patient in the movie. He was so fucking good at this role I at times thought “I’d fuck that chick” KNOWING IT’S A GUY WITH AIDS. He deserves every supporting role award known to man for this movie. imagesZ48LIZP0
The only wrong casting I think was Jennifer Garner. She plays a doctor and I don’t know if she just isn’t a good actress but she sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the other actors. It might be she is just pretty and everyone else was made to look deathly ill and ugly, who knows. Great movie, great acting, moving story, must see.



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