Box O Crank

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Reality in the illegal drug world is mimicking fiction.
Kevin Abar, assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico, says distributors are selling methamphetamine tinted blue in the Four Corners region.
That mirrors AMC’s hit drama “Breaking Bad,” which depicted an Albuquerque-based meth operation that cooked up the drug with a blue hue.
Abar says tinting meth blue is a way for distributors to advertise and brand their product.
But he says the blue meth being sold makes people sick. He says it has been cut with chemicals to make it blue and is not the “pure” product portrayed on “Breaking Bad.”
Abar says agents also have stumbled upon red-colored meth.
“Breaking Bad” last year ended its popular run after five seasons

As a non-meth using American I love what these ingenious meth cooks have done here. They’ve giving a nod to one of the best television shows to ever grace the screen, and in doing so are marketing their product to be like that of Heisenberg’s almost entirely pure crystal blue persuasion. What I like even more is the fact that these are real life meth cooks who are probably just adding Windex to their horribly made and already lethal shit meth and are undoubtedly charging a premium for it. I’m telling you, if you own a business that is failing and you need some outside help, don’t waste your time or money with consulting firms. Just hire a bunch of drug dealers. These are the most resourceful, creative, and entrepreneurial minded people you will ever meet. The only flaw I see in their new marketing plan is that I’m not sure how many meth heads know what Breaking Bad is, or care if the drugs they are buying were cooked in a toilet. Discerning is not an adjective I’d ever describe a meth junkie with. These are sleep deprived paranoid zombies who sit around all day grinding their teeth and picking at the bugs crawling around under their skin. They would inject magma into their veins if you could sell it to them in a needle.

And don’t even try to talk to me about some red meth bull shit. I’m an unapologetic blue meth fan boy for life!



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