Tom Brady is Underdog

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Sports
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ESPN- Tom Brady thinks the Patriots will be considered underdogs against Peyton Manning and the Broncos in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game and says that winning in Denver would be “as satisfying a victory” as he’s had during his illustrious career. “I think we’ve overcome a lot of things, a lot of injuries, we’ve had some amazing comebacks to get to this situation where we finished the regular season 12-4 with a lot of players filling some big roles over the course of the year,” Brady told the “Dennis & Callahan Show” on WEEI sports radio in Boston on Monday morning.

This is the best QB in the league

He has gotten way more pussy than you have

I guess I read the story wrong at first because I thought Tom Brady must have taken some weird pill and thought he was actually Underdog (one of the must underrated superheroes ever. get it, he’s an underdog super hero). If there is anyone on the planet who thinks after this year that Tom Brady and the Pats are underdogs they must be on some super crazy drugs. Look at the shit. Top three pass catchers from last year basically gone. One in Denver, one often injured, one in prison for three murders (nbd). They are using really short white guys as WRs and no name rookies. The RBs are all refurbished from other teams as well. The defense hasn’t been fucked with too much but I bet most people outside of the Northeast cannot name more than 2 people on it. And they still won the fucking division and almost clinched the number one seed in the entire playoffs. No people that is not a joke. These guys are fucking serious and they should not be considered underdogs. Tom Brady is clearly the best QB in the league because he wins with retards and guys from hospice. Bill Belichick has magical powers beyond what anyone can understand. Hate them all you want but the last thing I would do is call this year’s Patriots “underdogs” because I’m sure that only fuels the fire. Pats vs. Seahawks in the Super Bowl, Pats with (basically) home field advantage take it 34-21.



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