Obligatory shirtless ARod picture

Obligatory shirtless ARod picture

ESPN- The regimen of performance-enhancing substances delivered by Tony Bosch to Alex Rodriguez was “probably the most potent and sophisticated drug program developed for an athlete that we’ve ever seen,” U.S. Anti-Doping Agency CEO Travis Tygart told The Associated Press. Tygart said Bosch’s regimen included dozens of blood tests to see how the drugs were metabolizing and which doses to use when. It included peptides and female fertility drugs to supplement testosterone, human growth hormone and an insulin-like growth factor. “At the end of the day,” Tygart said, “this was a potent cocktail of sophisticated PEDs stacked together to deliver power, aid recovery, avoid detection and create a home run champion.”
Crushing HRs and AList Pussy

Crushing HRs and AList Pussy

Still Rocking the XXL Cup

Still Rocking the XXL Cup

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you the greatest cycle of undetectable steroids in the history of the world. With a mere 12k a month, couch change for someone like ARod, he was given something the Anti-Doping agency could only dream about. I know that this will end up with ARod being the “scum of the earth” and blah blah, but for me this shows that there is hope that one day baseball will be full of juiced out home run hitters and pitchers throwing complete games every time. Anthony Bosch isn’t even a licensed anything and he knew enough about steroids/PEDs to fool the major leagues and keep Alex healthy. Imagine if a true MD could formulate a plan for someone in their early 30’s that would add speed, power, longevity, and constant health to his natural abilities. Players wouldn’t slump at the end of the year, they would play like it’s April 1st on August 30th. There is literally no reason to not let this happen as long as it is done by certified doctors. I don’t want some weirdo in his garage to potentially fuck up someone’s life with junk juice, but if it is regulated and done properly baseball can make a run at football to regain the title of America’s Sport. I love baseball more than most people but these pitcher’s duels are boring bullshit. I want to see Home Run derby at Yankee stadium on a Tuesday afternoon. And I’m not alone there. So someone please murder Bud Selig and get a new guy in there who loves happy fans and shattered home run records.

PS I for sure want to get my hands on those ‘gummy’ things ARod had. I love steroids, hate needles, and love candy so I’m buying tons of stock in PED gummies


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