The Packers Send Fans Letter Asking Where They Were

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Sports
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No fucking thank you

No fucking thank you

ESPN- The Green Bay Packers sent out surveys on Tuesday seeking to find out why some of their fans didn’t buy playoff tickets. The surveys were sent to season-ticket holders and those on the team’s waiting list. For the fans who didn’t buy playoff tickets, the survey asked why they chose not to and where they watched the game instead. The surveys differed slightly based on level of financial commitment to the team. Six days before the Packers’ wild-card playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Packers — known for their rabid fan base and legendary waiting list of more than 100,000 fans — had 40,000 tickets to sell.

Are you serious Packers? Do you really wonder where your fans were on a day when it was so cold that piss was freezing the second it left people’s dicks? They were in their warm homes, covered in wing sauce and queso, pounding Beam and cokes. All for under 100 bucks. If you expect people to shell out around a grand for two tickets to a game they will most likely freeze to death at while watching their team lose again to the Niners, you are fucking mental. Most major sports fans have a pretty good entertainment set up at home so instead of layering up to the point of A Christmas Story untitledand mortgaging your home to get a couple hot dogs, they can kick back and watch the game on a 70 inch plasma and jerk off at half time without going to jail. It’s for sure a changing of the times when home technology is better than going to a live sporting event. For the first time, ever I think, I agree with Skip Bayless where he says in about 10 years football will just be played in a building with no fans. If the casual fan wants to leave the house to watch a game they can easily stumble into their local wing joint/hole in the wall bar with Sunday Ticket and stare at their waitresses tits/be surrounded by drunk, obnoxious fans without paying for parking, a ticket, food, beers, and then sit in 8 hrs of traffic trying to get home. NFL teams need to adopt the ‘Mark Cuban’ way of business. If you can’t sell out the game, lower the fucking prices on the remaining tickets and sell out every time. No matter what is live in from of me if I can see a pro game for the same price as going to a bar I will go live every time. It’s not like these teams are losing money by cheapening the tickets or even the concessions, they would actually make more by having an ass in every seat.

PS If the Raiders EVER make the playoffs I will travel to Siberia and sell my child for a nose bleed seat. Believe that.


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