Rays Open Up Their Wallets

Posted: January 16, 2014 in breaking news, florida, Sports
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NBC Sports- David Price and the Rays won’t be going through an arbitration hearing, as the two sides have agreed to a one-year, $14 million contract. For comparison, Tampa Bay’s entire payroll last season was $58 million.

Not a good look for you my dude

Not a good look for you my dude

I am not and will not ever be a Rays fan. I am loyal to my teams (Yankees in MLB) and no matter where I live I carry that with me. But this is a really good move for the Rays. Always known as the team that grows the talent, plays well with them, and lets them go because they refuse to pay up, has seemingly changed their ways. Price is a hell of a pitcher and a great locker room guy so after this Tanaka ordeal is over with Price was most likely the next FA to get signed. Sure it’s only for one year but at least he will stay in blue, light blue, yellow, white and grey. Holy shit those are terrible colors.
AC All day

AC All day

PS I love how people talk shit about Tropicana Field where the Rays play. “It’s old, the roof gets in the way of the ball, I’m probably old and dying” Well guess what asshole, it’s indoors, air conditioned and cheap as fuck to go to a game. If you want to be outside in FL in August to watch a 2-1 baseball game head down to Miami and die there.



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