Wait, someone mugged THIS guy?

Let’s keep the tradition going with another installment of “This Day in Sports.”

In what has to be the most hard ass move in world history, someone actually mugs Leon Spinks and takes his money, jewelry, and his GOLD FRONT TEETH! There’s no way this idiot actually knew who he was dealing with right? This is only 3 years after Spinks had beaten Ali in the ring and even fought Larry Holmes in the same year! It’s not like he was an old, broken down babbling sack of Parkinson’s disease ridden pudding brain, he was still in his prime. And by the way, if you ever fought Ali you are automatically the toughest man in any given country at any time. 99% of us couldn’t last 15 seconds against him right now, let alone when he was coherent. When he dies there needs to be a heavy bag with his picture hanging above his grave. Visitors will pay $20 to “go a round” with the champ. Most will lose. But I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t win. Oh, except Leon Spinks. He got robbed 33 years ago today.



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