Why People Hate Florida

Posted: January 16, 2014 in comedy, florida, humor, popular culture & entertainment
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Better find those jeans, the cold is coming!

Better find those jeans, the cold is coming!

TBO.com- The effects of a cold front that pushed through the Tampa Bay area will be felt overnight, with lows dipping down into the low 50s, which is seasonable. However, a second cold front passes through Wednesday, says WFLA-TV meteorologist, and that’s the one that will bring in the much cooler air for Thursday, Spann says. Wednesday’s high won’t even top 70 degrees.

Blown Call Sports is based out of the Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa area. I’m sure no one knew that before but we are going to start doing more localized news coverage so I figured I’d start with one of the reasons people from all over the country hate Florida. We consider this weather cold. In the middle of fucking January when the rest of the country is literally frozen, we freak out when the high won’t top 70. And you know what, hate on haters. There is a reason I live here and not back in the Northeast where I’m from. Sure I am surrounded by meth/pill heads, old people fucking shit up, and the trashiest of white trash. untitled1At least I don’t have to own a fucking coat and/or more than two pairs of jeans. Suck it bitches.



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