CBS Miami— Backers of a medical marijuana constitutional amendment in Florida are celebrating a victory of sorts after it announced they have collected enough signatures to make the 2014 ballot. Ben Pollara, the campaign manager for United for Care, sent out an email to supporters that organizers have collected more than 1.1 million signatures. “This is an enormous achievement,” Pollara wrote. Organizers have until Feb. 1 to gather 683,189 voter signatures. So far election supervisors have certified nearly 458,000 signatures. Groups pushing a constitutional amendment typically gather more signatures than needed in case some are rejected.

This is pretty big news down here in the Pill Mill Capital of the World. Although only a minor victory, it could become the first step in the long march to legalizing marijuana in Florida. What is happening now is attorney John Morgan (of Morgan & Morgan fame) is personally financing the fight to get the legalization of Medical Marijuana to be put on the ballot so people can then vote for it to happen. This won’t even legalize the stuff, it’s just to get it on the ballot to vote for it. And Mr. Morgan has dropped millions from what the rumors are (he has family members who could medically benefit from the use of weed as opposed to pills he says). That’s a ton of fucking cheddar to spend to possibly just get shut down when it comes to election time. But I respect what the guy is doing, takes a lot of balls and I hope he succeeds. Pills are stupid addicting and it’d be great for them to be the second option for sick people instead of the only one. And as someone who enjoys smoking from time to time I think it should just be legalized everywhere. It would be awesome to know I could eat a weed cookie or smoke a bowl after a shitty day and not be paranoid about going to the clink. Also, look how much fucking money is being made in Colorado right now. People cannot give up their cash fast enough to get some Purple Nurple (I really have no clue what the shit is called). So sign up people! Get it on the ballot then get your lazy, high asses off the couch and vote!
But more importantly I think it would be easier for people to get behind the weed movement if they used better pictures when writing about it. If someone mentions weed it’s always a hand with a half smoked shitty joint or an ugly person smoking. If they used normal advertising it would be legal in no time. Or just hot chicks.





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