Happy Birthday Champ

Happy Birthday Champ

Normally we will do events in sports but today is the birthday of one of the greatest, most iconic athletes of all time in any sport, Cassius Clay. Yes he is Muhammad Ali now be he was born Cassius Clay. Most people know his story so I will just touch on the highlights.
-Born in Louisville (1942) to a middle class family which is not normal for boxers. They love to come from the skreets.
-He learned to box because he was pissed someone stole his bike. From there he won 2 National Gold Gloves and the Gold medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics. Before he turned pro his record was 100-5. That is fucking stupid. It’s like he lost for fun because winning so much was boring. Pretty much what the Raiders are doing right now.
-He went pro in 1960 then won the Heavyweight belt from Sonny Liston in ’64.
-Converts from Christianity to the Nation of Islam in ’64 too, changing his name to Muhammad Ali. Possibly starts hating white people.
-1967 After refusing to go to war in Vietnam they strip him of his belt.
-1970 He gets an appeal and is able to fight again
-1971 Fight of the Century against Joe Frazier ends in a 15 round split decision, giving Ali his first pro loss.
-1974 Fights George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle wins using Rope-a-dope technique
-1975 A white guy takes Ali the distance and inspires like 19 movies from Sylvester Stallone. Thanks George Welper. Later in the year is the Thrilla in Manilla fight against Foreman. Both men basically die in the ring, Ali wins.
-1978 Leon Spinks upsets Ali who calls it the worse loss of his career
-1984 Ali makes it public knowledge that he has Parkinsons. A disease which will make one of the most fluid, speedy fighters of all time a shaking mess. It’s never fun to watch someone suffer from a disease like that, but when it’s someone who was so incredibly athletic it’s almost worse (sorry Michael J. Fox you little Canadian man). First it was Louis Gehrig then Ali.
To this day he is probably still one of the most famous names in the world. Everyone knows who he is because he was just that fucking good at what he did. He fought during the Golden Age of boxing when it was the only fighting sport really and he dominated. Even missing out on YEARS during his prime he’s still the best ever. And if you ever want to get into a fist fight with your buddies just ask who would win, Ali or Tyson in their primes.



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