ESPN- Lolo Jones talked Lauryn Williams into trying bobsledding, dangling the potential of another Olympic trip as her bait. Little did they know they were talking about history. Jones and Williams — both Summer Olympic veterans — were among the selections Sunday night for the U.S. Olympic bobsled team, putting them in position to join a very exclusive club. Barring something unforeseen, they will become the ninth and 10th Americans to compete in both the summer and winter versions of the Games when they compete at the Sochi Olympics next month. Jones was one hurdle away from winning gold at the Beijing Olympics, then finished fourth at the London Games. Looking for a break from the spotlight but not sports, she turned to bobsled in the fall of 2012, winning a World Cup medal in her first race and quickly announcing herself as a legit Sochi contender.

I’m sure this is a big story for the history of the Olympics and women’s rights or whatever, but I don’t give a shit about that. I’m here to say that Lolo Jones is the hottest chick in sports. I know, I know, she does the whole “virgin” thing. That did knock some points from her total but she still comes up on top. She’s mixed (even though I have full blooded Irish friends with a better tan than her) with light eyes and a crazy fit body. Winner winner chicken dinner folks. Here’s my top 5 hottest chicks in sports

1. Lolo Jones (Already explained why she wins)
Her “plain” pictures destroy girls that are all dressed up

2. Alex Morgan (SUUUUUUUPER close second. Mostly due to the non-exotic factor)

That's body paint people

That’s body paint people

3.McKayla Maroney (Just turned 18 so it’s legal for her to be here)


4. Gina Carano (Technically she never retired. Maybe would be higher, too many pics of her face fucked up)

5. Ellen Hoog (Dutch field hockey player. Sure, I’ll play along)



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