Indy Should Have a Ryan Leaf Statue

Posted: January 21, 2014 in football, humor, popular culture & entertainment, Sports
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ESPN- It’s a plot twist the writers of “Jerry Maguire” missed. But it undoubtedly won’t be in the major motion picture that tells the story of Ryan Leaf. Leigh Steinberg, the former super agent who inspired the Tom Cruise movie character but subsequently fell on hard times after battling alcoholism and bankruptcy, says in a book that Leaf skipped a meeting with former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora to sabotage his chances to be chosen No. 1 in the 1998 draft. It worked. Leaf, who Steinberg wrote didn’t want to play in Indianapolis, fell to the San Diego Chargers with the No. 2 pick. The Colts, of course, chose Peyton Manning.

This is fucking hilarious. The guy who was considered the biggest bust in NFL history (before Jamarcus) didn’t want to play in Indy so he missed a meeting and screwed over the San Diego Chargers and allowed the Colts to have the best QB of his generation (maybe all time). Is that karma because the Colts got fucked out of Elway in ’83 so God spared them of having to draft Ryan Leaf? Maybe, but isn’t it even crazier that Peyton and Elway are now working together on the most potent offense of all time?! Put that into your pipe and smoke it weirdos who think these things are all interconnected and Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and vice versa. In the end the Colts need to put up a statue of Leaf sleeping or something right next to one of Peyton and his 37 MVPs he won there.



PS Ryan Leaf was terrible but not as terrible as Jamarcus Russell who fucked up my teenage years worse than premature ejaculation. Why couldn’t he have missed a fucking meeting, you know before getting drafted, then Calvin Johnson would’ve be picked and most likely retired early for hating being a Raider.



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