WTSP- On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to descend upon Bayshore Boulevard and downtown Tampa to witness an invasion! Pirates have invaded Tampa Bay every year since 1904 in the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival and parade, as they sack the city for loot and booty of all kinds. Beads will be in plentiful supply, but there will also be much more by the way of fine culture, pageants, balls, socials, Tampa’s finest citizenry dressed as pirates and over 60 Krewes in the Bay area and beyond!

Year in and year out the city of Tampa (and surrounding areas) is over ran with people dressed as pirates getting completely obliterated and it is fucking awesome. If there is anything better than being a Pirate I don’t want to know. As in past blogs everyone has been shown my love for the Pirate life but honestly, what is cooler than wearing bad ass clothes, an eye patch, and a parrot while drinking and slurring your words. All things that are ok to do because you are a pirate. Otherwise you would be considered mental. Best movie character of the 2000’s? Steve the pirate in Dodgeball. So if a smaller Mardi Gras party is your thing head down to Tampa where you will see a ton of tits, drink a bunch of rum, and fornicate with as many fat drunk wenches as your whisky dick can handle!

What you wish you banged...

What you wish you banged…

What you ACTUALLY banged. Surrender the VALTRAX

What you ACTUALLY banged. Surrender the VALTRAX


  1. DUH'Merica says:

    Funny. I’m from Tampa and my dad was a pirate in Gasparilla back in the day. It’s actually become quite a sad commentary on our local culture; massive drunkenness for really no reason. But hey, this is Florida and we like to party for numerous insignificant reasons all year long. It cracks my ass up that all the millionaires who live on the Bayshore have all those drunk-asses pissing, puking and screwing in their front yards. Arggggggggg

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