Indian Kangaroo Courts are Super Screwed Up

Posted: January 23, 2014 in breaking news, comedy, popular culture & entertainment
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NBC News- Village elders in India ordered the gang rape of a 20-year-old woman after they found out she was in a relationship with a man from a different community, police said Thursday. Police in a rural part of West Bengal arrested 13 people in connection with the alleged offense that left the woman in critical condition in the hospital, police told the BBC. “The relationship was going on for almost five years,” Birbhum police chief C. Sudhakar said. “When the man visited the woman’s home on Monday with the proposal of marriage, villagers spotted him and organized a kangaroo court. Sudhakar told the BBC that the elders took action because the woman was from their tribal community and her boyfriend was from a non-tribal community nearby. So-called “kangaroo courts,” made up of village elders, do not have an official capacity but are not uncommon especially in India’s more rural areas. The woman said she was assaulted by the men on the night of Jan. 20 in the district of Birbhum. Sudhakar told the BBC that the lead elder, who is among those arrested, had initially ordered the woman’s family to pay 25,000 rupees ($400). But they were too poor to pay the fine so the elder told the alleged gang rapists “go enjoy the girl and have fun,” according to a complaint filed by the family. According to a report by Reuters the men have appeared in court and are now remanded in jail.

I probably haven’t read a more fucked up story in a loooooong time. This girl was dating someone from outside the community and she was ordered to be fucking raped as a punishment? For all of you who think it sucks when your parents grounded you for dating someone they didn’t like or your friends gave you shit for fucking a fat chick, be glad there was no kangaroo court in town. Jesus H Christ this kind of shit blows my mind, just the fact that people still think this is ok. How embarrassed are you when Grandpa maybe has too many whisky and ice’s and drops the N bomb in front of company. Imagine if Grandpa ordered your best friend to be ran threw by 13 guys because she dated someone from across town.
And I know it’s probably “too soon” or whatever but anytime I hear kangaroo court I think it’s a funny term and I really wanna be apart of one. But one that involved kangaroos wearing old wigs and stuff, not fucking backwards Indians ordering brutal rapes.

PS I hope there is a bunch of HUGE Indians waiting in jail for these guys. Revenge is a terrible thing


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