Fox News- Harry Potter fans, get ready to be blown away. On Thursday Universal Orlando unveiled new details for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley, currently under construction in its Florida theme park. Slated to open sometime this summer, it’s an impressive expansion of the already hugely popular attraction inspired by author JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” stories that opened in 2010. Universal creative senior vice president Thierry Coup said the company’s creative team began working almost immediately on the expansion following the instant success of the park’s first Wizarding World. “There were requests already from the beginning,” Coup said. “People thought, ‘Why didn’t you bring Diagon Alley?’ ‘Why didn’t you do Gringotts?’ We said, ‘Well, just wait.’ And now it’s coming.” The massive addition will include a Hogwarts Express train, a ride based on Gringotts Wizarding Bank, a Leaky Cauldron restaurant, shops—and more. The Hogwarts Express train will take visitors from Hogsmeade Village in the Islands of Adventure to the new London area at Universal Studios. To ride the train, guests will be required to purchase park-to-park tickets that allow admission to each side. The main attraction for Universal Studios guests will be the newly designed Diagon Alley. Even before stepping inside, guests will recognize locations from the film series, including Charing Cross Road, Grimmauld Place, Leicester Square Station and Wyndham’s Theatre. Also, most importantly, will be King’s Cross Station, where the Hogwarts Express will arrive.
(There was a lot more I so I just added the link to the story)

For someone that is as dorky and into Harry Potter as I am, this is the fucking tits. I love the addition of the Harry Potter world to Universal because I really was into the books/movies but also because the park is getting a little boring. How many times can someone ride the fucking Jaws ride. But I went balls to the wall when I went there. I got a wand (He Who Must Not Be Named), I drank butterbeer (kinda gross), and I rode all the new rides! (mostly old rides just repainted) This expansion however brings up another big point, why don’t they just make an entire new theme park that is all Harry Potter? People will go to that thing in droves. I bet they don’t because it will destroy the current parks. Like I said, there are only so many times you can ride the same played out rides over and over. Sure they attempt to update them but if I’m spending 90 bucks a pop I want to feel like I haven’t been to the same play 100 times already. A whole park devoted to Harry’s world and I will buy a lifetime pass tomorrow. Especially if they give you a Invisibility cloak and the keys to Hermoine’s bathroom. After the second movie of course, it’s creepy to scam on 12 year olds.



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