Peyton Manning’s Future

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Sports

ESPN- In what was likely the most expansive answer to the inevitable questions about his future, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning said Sunday he “certainly” wanted to play beyond the result of next Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII. Since the postseason has started, Manning has used phrases like “light at the end of the tunnel” about his playing career and made references to his career being in the homestretch. But when asked, just after the Broncos’ arrival Sunday night, Manning said he planned on playing in the 2014 season. “I certainly had a career change two years ago with my injury, with changing teams so I truly have been a one-year-at-a-time basis, so I really have no plans beyond this game,” Manning said. “I had no plans coming into this season beyond this year, I think that’s kind a healthy way to approach your career at this stage.”

No matter what the ‘State of the Raiders’ is, if Peyton is coming back, we’re fucked. We could draft the best rookie QB ever or even the best defensive player of all time and as long as Peyton is in the NFL we have no shot. The Chiefs could be a fluke, the Chargers are barely a .500 team, but that freak of nature Mr. Forehead is going to tear up teams with that big ol’ brain of his. So fuck you Peyton, fuck you right to hell.

Hey Peyton, don't know if you saw the memo, but your fired

Hey Peyton, don’t know if you saw the memo, but your fired, just go home

PS Sure hope he wins the SB and wants to immediately retire so he has nothing else to prove.



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