Fuck it, I'm out

Fuck it, I’m out

New York Times- With Bill Parcells in the unfamiliar role of peacemaker, the Jets and the New England Patriots each got what they wanted yesterday. The Patriots hired Bill Belichick as their head coach and the Jets received the Patriots’ first-round pick for the 2000 draft in exchange for releasing the former Jets’ coach-for-a-day from his contract. The agreement ended what had been a bizarre month in which the Jets (not in this order) lost two head coaches in two days, hired a third, gained a new owner and defended themselves before the National Football League commissioner and a federal judge. Parcells took the initiative to broker the deal that led to Belichick’s hiring when he called the Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, on Tuesday night. ”I told him it was Darth Vader calling and he said he knew who that was,” Parcells said. It was the first meaningful conversation the two have had since Parcells — with Belichick, his assistant head coach, in tow — left the Patriots for the Jets in a wave of acrimony that has lingered for three years. But in a conversation that lasted about 40 minutes — one that Parcells described as amiable — the two buried their personal animosity.

Probably not photoshopped

Probably not photoshopped

So let’s break down a bizarre set of events that forever changed the NFL. Belichick was the DC for Bill Parcells in NE. They lose the Super Bowl to the Packers and Parcells heads to the Jets (along with Belichick and other coordinators). A few years later Parcells steps down from the Jets HC job, Bill takes the job and leaves a day later for the Pats HC job. The Jets get a first round pick and years of horrible teams while the Pats put together one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history behind Belichick. The Jets get Chad Pennington in the 1st, Pats get Tommy Terrific in the 90th. Jets still have only 1 ring, Pats got 3 in 4 years and are constantly contending. Do I hate the Patriots and Bill Belichick? Of course I do, I’m a Raiders fan. But do I hate them because they win and are a normal functioning franchise? Ab-so-fucking-lutely. So congrats Patriot fans, on this day in sports history you traded for one of the, if not the, greatest coach ever and fucked the Jets over like a true rival would.

Yes I will

Yes I will



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