Firefighters seen here bringing gasoline inside to finish the job

Kansas City Star-Smoke alarms alerted two sleeping men to a fire in central Olathe around 3:30 this morning, according to an Olathe Fire Department press release.
Before firefighters arrived, one of the men went back into the home in the 800 block of East Loula to get his game console.
He inhaled smoke while trying to retrieve the system. He was checked by paramedics and is OK. No other injuries were reported.
When firefighters arrived, flames were raging out of large picture window. Firefighters quickly brought the under control, and despite single-digit temperatures, were able to keep water lines flowing.
An investigator is working to determine the cause of the fire. Although a loss estimate in not yet available, fire and smoke damage was extensive throughout the one-story home.

The word ‘hero’ gets thrown around an awful lot, but in this case…..

We’ve all been there. You’re in bed trying to fall asleep and your mind just won’t shut it down. You wonder things like “Would the people of 1930 be impressed with my 2000 Chevy Cavalier if I could somehow take it back in time with me?” Or, “How can I get paid to masturbate without donating my juice?” But most commonly we wonder things like, “Who or what would I run into a burning building to save?” I know I’m a piece of shit but I came to the conclusion early on that I would step on my dogs’ neck if it would help me get out the window faster. So pets out of the equation, it leaves my wife and son. So of course I walk through lava with them on my back to save their lives but if I have an extra hand on the way out the door I’m at least going to check if my Xbox is a pile of melted plastic. You’re going to need something to do at the hotel you’re living in for the next month unless you have hotel lounge money. I do not. And maybe the most terrifying thought as you’re running naked into your front yard out of your burning home is whether or not there’s even a game in the stupid thing.


This guy in the story is only crazy if it’s an original Xbox. We are all assuming it’s the Xbox One but even the 360 is worth some minor burns and moderate smoke inhalation. The Kinect can burn….


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