ESPN- Marshawn Lynch showed up at Super Bowl media day. Barely. The Seattle Seahawks running back, who wasn’t given a podium, spoke to the media for six minutes and 20 seconds Tuesday before retreating to a back wall at the Prudential Center. In his few minutes of talking with the media, Lynch said his fans weren’t worried about what he would say. “They just want to make sure I show up to perform,” he said. Lynch ignored the media from that point on except for granting the NFL Network a brief interview, when he repeatedly said that media day “ain’t my thing.”

Ok, this has to be a joke right? Marshawn Lynch isn’t avoiding shit, he’s just stupid. Have you guys ever heard him speak? Jesus Christ it’s like watching me attempt to make my dick look over 6 inches in a Snapchat, just brutal. Ask him a question and he will think about it for about 45 mins then say “Naah boss” or “Beastmode”. You think paying kids in college is the big deal, how about educating these fuckin guys. The reason Timmy doesn’t want to read out loud in class is because he can’t read or has a stutter. The reason Marshawn doesn’t speak in public is because he is a moron. Or super fucking high, either way.

All the proof you need right here

Why was Deion standing so close? That made me more uncomfortable than a grown man not speaking english.

Annddd the reason no one cares



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