CNN- A day after some three inches of snow paralyzed the country’s ninth-largest city, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed blamed the resulting gridlock on decisions by schools, business and government to send people home at the same time. “People were making a lot of independent decisions,” he told reporters Wednesday. “What we will do in the future is try to coordinate that, and make a strong recommendation about how that should flow.” In an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello, Reed said he has been working non-stop and had accomplished a lot. “We got 1 million people in the City of Atlanta out of the city; we haven’t had any fatalities in the City of Atlanta; we got all of the children who were on school buses in the APS system off of those buses, and I’ve been communicating with the people of the city on a constant basis.”Rebekah Cole left work Tuesday afternoon and was still sitting in traffic 10 hours later — at 1 a.m. Wednesday. She said she hoped her car wouldn’t run out of fuel as she prepared to spend the night in it. She described what she had seen as a “zombie movie” — droves of people got out of their cars and were having conversations. In the dead of night, they talked and walked between cars covered in white powder. Early Wednesday, 10 hours after leaving her office, Cole’s nine-mile trip home was barely halfway over.

This has been covered more than the actual snow that covered the ground (bad joke) but come the fuck on Atlanta. Is this a joke? 3..inches..of..snow. 3 inches. The size of my schmeckel when it’s soft (hard) literally “paralyzed” a city. How shitty is that for all the tough guys of the dirty ATL. Like if someone ever comes from out of town and then is a target for a car jacking I see it going like this “Get out yo car muh-fucka” “Umm excuse me sir, no” “Yea bitch, you in the dirty south, this is the ATL, T.I. is from here yo! Give me yo car” “You guys were paralyzed from 3 inches of snow, go fuck yourself” All the street cred from T.I. and Big Boi right out the fucking window. The mayor said no fatalities?! I sure as fuck hope not. And after how many hours of sitting in your car do you just decide that you can walk home and be warm in a couple hours because the snow on the ground barely covers the soles of your shoes? Tampa FL just became the NEW gangsta dirty south city. What bitch?!

PS And really Rebekah Cole, a zombie movie? I think that’s just called people walking around and talking to each other, you fucking retard.


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