MovieWeb- Just a little earlier tonight, we showed you a set of maquettes from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot that possibly reveal what Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo will look like. Now, Comic Book Movie has updated their previous story with even more photos, giving us our first look at William Fichtner’s main villain Shredder (the photo is said to be of a maquette as well), and a photo of the missing turtle Leonardo, along with a second maquette photo that offers a better look at Donatello. These photos are said to come from a source ‘close to production’, but no further information has been revealed.

UPDATE:Paramount Pictures threatened to kill us if we didn’t take down the sneak peak pictures, so here is the newest Michelangelo behind the scenes photo I could find. He apparently has no arms or legs but still loves pizza
Like everyone else born in the mid to late 80’s, this new movie is a sensitive subject. I fucking love the Ninja Turtles and you don’t have a hair on your ass, or you were poor, if you didn’t have a ton on Ninja Turtle toys, the bedsheets, video games, the pajamas and of course the birthday cakes. Michelangelo was easily the best and if you liked anyone else better you were a fucking dweeb. All that aside, everyone knows and loves the original movies. From Casey Jones and his bag of weapons, when the guys paid for pizza, the (life changing for a 10 year old) way they made the turtles come to life, the Ooze and even when they went back to Japan. Is it me or do they Ninja Turtle movies play out like the Godfather films? First one is a classic so you almost have to say it’s the best, the second one is really the favorite, and the third one was a hunk of shit that only losers say they like so they can be different. Either way Megan Fox will be April in this so that’s something to look forward to and the graphics should be fucking sick. Love the photos, love the reboot, love Megan Fox.

PS Was the Ninja Turtle video game the hardest fucking game of all time? Or just the best?



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