Variety- The Super Bowl has long been a magnet for marketers looking to promote their products given that the game is the most-watched TV event each year (last year’s edition attracted 108.7 million viewers). Because of that extraordinary popularity, Fox is charging upward of $4 million for a 30-second commercial, a record, and reported that it sold out of all its Super Bowl ads two months before the game. (Advertisers spent $292 million on Super Bowl spots last year, Kantar Media said.) That price may be worth it since this year’s game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks is expected to set viewership records. The event takes place at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium — the first time it will been held in an outdoor cold-weather stadium.

The big names putting trailers into the SB commercial mix are- Captain America 2, Spider Man 2, Transformers 4, Draft Day, and Noah. There are others but they will most likely suck or I just have zero interest. Companies are well aware that the best day to release a commercial or ad is on SB Sunday. It’s a fact that it’s the best TV watching day and people actually WANT to see the ads without blowing their heads off. So naturally movie studios do the same and release their big trailers on that day, now let’s break it down.
Of the 5 big names there is only one truly original story. And it’s about the Browns on draft day. Yuck.

Should be the movie poster

Should be the movie poster

Captain America should be sweet because the first one was good, Avengers was awesome and Frank Grillo as a bad guy sounds great…MV5BNzg2NDg4Mzk4Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTg1MDg0MDE@__V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_
Spider Man 2 (or 5) should be better than the first because of Jamie Foxx and Pig Vomit but I doubt the trailer will be too great.. 4
Transformers 4 will be the best trailer since it’s Michael Bay and his movies are just 3 hour long versions of the 30 second commercial as it is so we basically get a movie for free. And this Transformers has Marky Mark giving his one and only facial expression so it will make roughly 400 mil…
Which movie is this? No one knows

Which movie is this? No one knows

Noah is going to be the best movie out of all of them, in terms of what a true good movie should be, but it is being released at the wrong time if it’s looking for awards. I bet it will do some serious numbers in the box office like Passion of the Christ did but no movie is ever released right before the Oscars (eliminating it from this years awards) and won the following year. But Emma Watson is in it so I will give it all of my money.
Pre-watch Rankings..Best Trailer is Transformers, Best Movie is Noah, Hottest Actress is Emma Watson, Chances the Brown Fuck Up the Draft Even in a Movie 100%.



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