Don’t give this man ANY room!! Turnaround 37 footer in your face in 3…2…1..

Ball Don’t Lie-The Cleveland Cavaliers did not look good on Tuesday night. From the team’s scattershot and silent defense, to an offense seemingly comprised solely of make ‘em ups, to the glaring absence of Austin Carr’s retired jersey in the rafters, Mike Brown’s unit looked completely out of sorts in a 100-89 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, a game featuring a score that wasn’t representative of how the game looked. It was worse than an 11-point loss.
One obvious standout emerged for Cleveland, though. In a season filled with an 0-16 start to the season from the floor, a benching, rumors of a D-League “demotion” (that many say would help his prospects) and a 1.1 Player Efficiency Rating (second to last in the league, entering Tuesday), Cavs rookie Anthony Bennett busted out with what is by far his finest game of the season in the loss. Bennett played most of the second half and totaled 15 points on 5-10 shooting. Playing 31 minutes, Anthony grabbed eight rebounds and only turned the ball over once. His PER is up to 2.3.
The points total exceeds the amount of points Bennett has contributed in the 2014 calendar year. The minutes total represented the first time Bennett has played more than 20 in a contest. It was the most action Bennett had seen since that 20-minute outing, one that saw the rookie miss eight of 11 shots in a 29-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves in the second week of the season. Needless to say, it was a career night.
In a career that we hope hasn’t been irreversibly spoiled by the Cavaliers’ handling of their young prospect, one that was selected tops overall in last season’s draft.
Even with the loss at his team’s feet, Bennett was understandably more enthused following the game than after most others in this dreary, dreadful 16-29 season for the Cavaliers. After the contest, Cavaliers coach Mike Brown praised his rookie’s ability to “stay ready when your number is called,” and it was obvious throughout the second half that the team was making an effort to go to the young man – possibly in preparation for a nationally televised Thursday night game against the New York Knicks, one that could serve as an embarrassment for two teams that were expected to compete for a playoff berth; and one in Cleveland that has been afforded four lottery picks over the last three drafts, including two number ones.

Get ready for the HOF young man. Never has a player lived up to his #1 pick overall status more than Bennett. And he just upped the ante again last night with another career game against the mighty Pelicans. Look at this line:

15 points on 5-10 shooting INCLUDING 2-3 from downtown!!! Are you kidding me?! So clutch, just throwing magma balls at the rim. Couldn’t miss. How many times did they stop the game just to replace the nets?

3-6 from the line: Real solid there. Super-efficient shooting all around. No one guarding you from 15 feet out directly in front of the basket? That’s a dicey situation at best. Lucky to get a shot off half the time.

8 rebounds. For a 6’8” forward???!!! Get the fuck outta here!! Unreal…

And he did it all in front of his home crowd of 14,000 (Still amazed they could draw half that) where they barely (completely) lost.
Next up, The NY Knicks tonight at MSG. No way he doesn’t outshine Melo and his 62 points. Keep your points Melo, I’ll take the rook and the loss all day.


  1. John Mac says:

    What is he even doing shooting 3 pointers? That is a ballsy choice when he has brinked more 1 footers than just about any NBA player I have ever seen. Maybe this will finally get him started though.

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