You may not know her name (I had to copy and paste it myself) but you know who she is. She was in Inception, Dark Knight Rises, Public Enemies and now she will be in what should be a straight to Redbox mafia movie Blood Ties and a should be straight to Redbox drama called The Immigrant. She’s a little older (born in 75) but she is from France and she is in fact very good looking, but is she hot?

Pros- Pretty face, accent, very sexual in movies, she was the focal point of two good movies, dressed up looks super hot, has been naked in a movie
Link to some of her nudes



Cons- Big fucking thing in the middle of her forehead, not dressed up can look like shit




That forehead deal is pretty distracting and we all know a couple bad things outweigh 30 good. So PLEASE HELP, is she hot?



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