Christian Radio Host Busted on Ponzi Scheme

Posted: January 30, 2014 in breaking news, comedy, florida, humor, popular culture & entertainment, radio
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St. Pete Trib- CLEARWATER — Gary L. Gauthier, the former host of a Saturday morning Christian radio show called “It’s God’s Money,” is one of two men arrested this month in a Ponzi scheme that defrauded 38 people in the Tampa Bay area of $6 million, according to court documents. Gauthier, 64, who now lives in Okemos, Mich., was arrested last week in Tampa, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. David George Dreslin, 54, of Seminole, was arrested earlier in the month, the FDLE reported. Dreslin attracted people through his accounting practice, and Gauthier’s victims were the listeners of his Tampa radio shows, “It’s God’s Money” and “It’s All About Florida Real Estate,” the documents say. They were, for a time, broadcast on Tampa radio station WTBN and WGUL. General manager Barbara Yoder didn’t return a telephone call Wednesday for comment. “A majority of the victims stated they relied upon the statements made by Gauthier because they were made on a Christian radio station,” according to the document charging the pair. “Most of the victims were elderly, … over the age of 60,” the document says. Denise Ferrari, a 62-year-old retired dental technician and postal worker living in Clearwater, was one of the victims. She said she was persuaded to deposit her $86,000 IRA in a company set up by the two men, and now she’s suing them to get the money back.

I started to ask myself how Ponzi schemes were even still pulled off after Madoff but this is exactly how. Get some random dude on Christian radio in FL, tell the old folks to get all the cash together that they can and they will build condos for Jesus, then buy yourself a Porsche and not give a flying fuck. This guy figured out the perfect crime. Who is the easiest to steal from? Old people. Where are the old people? Florida. What do they listen to? AM Radio. Who do they trust? Jesus. Why? Because they will see him pretty soon. The only problem is these guys get too greedy. When you make two million bucks or even three and you haven’t gotten caught, move the fuck on. Go to some foreign island with your cash and drink margaritas and bang out hookers. What will another few million do? Get you caught that’s what. Idiots.

Jesse and Ken, after doing some radio for Jesus

Jesse and Ken, after doing some radio for Jesus

PS Coming Soon Blown Call Sports Radio for Jesus and the Elderly. Donations welcome


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