Gawker- Kristy Althaus, runner-up in the Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 pageant—one of the feeder pageants for Donald Trump’s Miss Universe operation—seems to have lost her status as the second-best Colorado teen of 2012 after a porn video apparently featuring her emerged on the internet last week. A tipster directed us to a video posted January 24 on the GirlsDoPorn.com website starring a woman who bears a strong resemblance to Althaus, the woman in red in the video above. On Tuesday, a longer clip from the video on imagepost.com identified its star as a “Miss Teen Colorado Runner Up.” Both links are very NSFW. In the video, a man who is off-camera asks the dark-haired star how old she is. “I’m 18,” she replies. “And this is definitely your first adult video?” “Yes, it is,” she says. In that fall 2012 pageant, Althaus was one spot away from traveling to New York as her state’s representative to the Miss Teen USA pageant—and she could vault into the national spotlight if, as the emcee said, the champion “is unable to fulfill her reign.”
Here’s the link to her (full length) alleged video THIS LINK DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE. NEW BLOG HAS NEW LINK

Another one bites the dust, as they say. Apparently becoming a teen pageant queen is not very lucrative or these chicks just love to fuck on camera. Either way, Blown Call fully supports their decisions. Who wouldn’t? Like how can anyone try and shame these girls? Their whole lives they are told how beautiful they are, how pretty they are, how hot they are, and you expect them to sit in class all day studying chemistry and shit? These girls are going to gravitate to the nearest profession that continues to blow up their egos about how hot they are and pays the most, which is porn. Sure they are going to have to work their way up the ladder and do some weird shit, but one day they could be the next Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, or Riley Reid and rake in the dough. And I say good luck girls, I’m sure I will be fully supporting your career by not paying for your videos due to the unlimited amount of free sites.



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