Tampa Guy Given 13 Years for Abortion Pill

Posted: January 30, 2014 in breaking news, florida, manly humor, popular culture & entertainment
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Orlando Sentinel- John Andrew Welden apologized, quoted the Bible and asked for mercy from the judge who sentenced him to 13 years and eight months in federal prison for tricking his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill just before she lost her 6-week-old embryo. The former girlfriend, Remee Jo Lee, urged U.S. District Judge Richard Al Lazzara to show “the same amount of mercy that he showed me during my pregnancy.” Welden admitted he forged a prescription for the abortion drug, Cytotec, and then took Lee to his father’s office, where she got an ultrasound. The next day, he tampered with a prescription bottle and scraped identifying marks off the pills to make them look like amoxicillin, a common antibiotic. He gave Lee the pills and told her to take them. As she drove to work that day, he called to make sure she had taken the drug. Lee said she bled for a month. “This wasn’t just a case to me,” she told the judge. “This was the death of my child.” Lee clutched framed pictures of the sonogram images, saying that’s all she has of her child, who she said was 8.3 milligrams long. “I know he wouldn’t want me to be upset because he’s with his father, his heavenly father.”

I am a new father so I feel that I should have the ultimate view on this whole situation. I could not imagine a day in my life without my daughter, she’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. That being said, I think this whole thing is bullshit. Basically 14 fucking years in federal prison for slipping your girlfriend a Plan B pill. It’s not like the fetus was in the 3rd trimester and was kicking the stomach, it was 6 weeks into the deal. Most people don’t even know they are pregnant at that point. Two potheads who liked to fuck without rubbers had an accident and the kid freaked out and did what he thought he had to do. He wasn’t ready for a baby and I’m sure she wasn’t either. Most girls think it’s cute until the kid is spitting up stuff, shitting everywhere and ripping your soul from your body every night screaming. He thought he did the right thing, maybe he didn’t but he took a chance. 13 years in a federal prison is fucking ridiculous for what he did though. His life is absolutely ruined and hers will probably be 1000 times better without a baby. And the chick wants 28 grand?? How will he get you that money when he’s getting ass raped for more than a decade sweetheart? Bitches lie about shit all the time yet do no Federal Prison stints. How many dudes are raising babies that aren’t their own? Fucking stupid.
Would you want your kid to look half like her?

PS I’ve bought those pills a time or two and they definitely work and make the girl sick but I bet my left nut those girls are just as happy as this one the pill did it’s job



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