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Tricia Cusmano has been a Lightning girl and a Bucs cheerleader so she’s basically royalty in the Tampa Bay area, deservedly so..






Yahoo News- Late Thursday Yahoo! acknowledged hackers accessed a number of its Mail accounts through a third party and that the affected accounts must now reset their passwords. If you didn’t know your Yahoo! Mail password, you’re in luck. In a post on the company blog, Yahoo! says their servers are still safe. But the company acknowledged hackers used a “third-party database compromise” to log in to multiple Yahoo! Mail accounts. The hackers seemed to target “names and email addresses from the affected accounts’ most recent sent emails,” the company said. Yahoo! did not disclose how many accounts were affected. In response the tech behemoth is forcing affected accounts to reset their passwords using two-step verification, if possible. The company also says it contacted federal law enforcement and “implemented additional measures to block attacks against Yahoo’s systems.”

Well good news everyone in 2014, you didn’t get your e-mail hacked because you are using Gmail or Microsoft. Is this how hackers start out their careers, like a farm system for the big time guys who hack the White House? Break into a bunch (8) of Yahoo e-mail accounts to see spam from Tranny sites and foreigners trying to sneak their families into the country. Because if you still have a Yahoo account you are into really weird shit or aren’t from America. Also you’re probably still figuring out who deserves to be in your Myspace top 8 and download all of your music on LimeWire. I love that Yahoo just said ‘they accessed a number of Mail accounts’ because they were ashamed to say that not one fucking person was affected by this shit. Gmail rules.


THR- Syfy is bringing back Sharknado stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid for the New York-set sequel. This marks the first casting announcement on Sharknado 2: The Second One, which is slated to premiere in July on the NBCUniversal-owned cabler. Ziering and Reid will reprise their roles as Fin and April. Anthony Ferrante will also return to direct the sequel from a screenplay by Thunder Levin, who also penned the 2013 original telepic that made a splash on social media. In Sharknado 2, a freak weather system turns its deadly fury on New York City, unleashing a “sharknado” on the city’s population and its most iconic sites, with Fin and April the only ones able to save the city.

Praise the lord, praise the lord. Tara Reid and some guy from 90210 (I think) are coming back to Sharknado to save NYC! I honestly think this is a really funny story, from start to finish. Syfy notoriously puts out shitty movies with horrible graphics because they don’t have any money, and former B list stars who are now F level sign on just to get a paycheck to keep gas in their car (home). But Sharknado was that much more ridiculous than all the others (i.e. Piranhaconda, Revenge of the Yeti, and Lake Placid 2-19) that it became a fucking nationwide phenomenon. From The Today Show to the Late Night Show to fucking Howard Stern this show was everywhere, and now they have upped the ante and are heading to the Big Apple. And ONLY Fin and April can save the city. No superheroes in a fictitious world where sharks are in tornados? Not even a scientist who noticed the first one and figured out a way to stop a second? Nope. Just a worn down up ex hot chick and a guy from possibly 90210. But not the one banging Megan Fox. The Jewish one.

PS It would be really fucking cool if Sharkeisha showed up and knocked Tara Reid the fuck out
“Don’t kick her Sharkeisha!”
In Remembrance of Hot Tara Reid…It’s sad when they leave us so young




Kyrie doing the Macarena during Thursday nights loss in NY. Those fuckers will not let that song die.

Plain Dealer-NEW YORK, New York — A fairly emphatic Cavaliers All-Star Kyrie Irving denied an report that he privately has told people he wants out of Cleveland, though he stopped short of saying he’d a five-year extension if the team offered one this summer.

“There’s been so much so-called reports, ‘I don’t want to be here,”’ Irving said after the game. “That’s what you guys get paid to do.

“There’s so much negative attention on me. I know we’re struggling but it’s not about me. It’s about our team. It’s about us fighting every day for each other, me fighting for my teammates.

“Yes, I’m in Cleveland. I enjoy myself. I enjoy going out there and competing at the highest level for the Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s what it’s about. It’s not about me and it’s not about this controversy surrounding do I want to privately come out when my contract is up. I’m still in my rookie contract and I’m happy to be here and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be here for a long time. I’m not saying anything to foretell the future, but I’m pretty sure the relationship I have with Dan Gilbert and management extends off the court and I enjoy being here.”

Asked if he’d sign a five-year deal if offered this summer, Irving said, “It’s still too early to say. I’m still trying to get through this season but everybody is trying to antagonize this team and put it on me. I’m here for my teammates. I’m here for coach [Mike] Brown and the coaching staff and I’m going to play my heart out every single night for the Cleveland Cavaliers.”

Kyrie wants out of Cleveland? Nope. I don’t see it. He’s got everything he needs there: shoes, jersey, and a court to play on. What more could he want?

There’s no story here yet so let’s all step back off the ledge Cleveland. Kyrie has his camp that he talks to and I’m sure every conversation revolves around all the amazing things that happen in the world OUTSIDE of North East Ohio. But that doesn’t mean he’s leaving. No one leaves the Cavs without airing an embarrassing ESPN special to announce their decision for the world to see. It’s a league rule now, and I just don’t see Irving as that kind of guy. But if (when) he does go, you know it’s going to be 100,000% Miami right? The Q will turn into the world’s largest bon fire, everyone bring your S’mores and Kyrie jerseys.


I have an 80’s throw back LeBron jersey. I simultaneously love and hate it at the same time.

ESPN- A Utah ape that has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner for six straight years predicted Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks will be the next NFL champion. Eli the ape ran into an enclosure Thursday morning and swiftly knocked down a papier-mache helmet bearing the Seahawks logo, signaling his pick, said Erica Hansen of Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. “He made his pick without any hesitation,” Hansen said. That could mean bad news for Broncos fans. The 13-year-old primate hasn’t been wrong since 2006. “He’s better than the Vegas odds-makers,” Hansen said.

As someone who likes animals a whole hell of a lot more than people, I fucking hate these animals. The ape always picks the SB winner, the hippo shits on the march madness brackets at a 90% win rate, the skunk sprays skunk stuff all over the World Series MVPs picture. Get the fuck over it people they’re animals. Whoever is handling the beast that day put a dot or a stink on the thing they want to win. It’s pure, unabashed luck and I hate how stupid people are when they say things like ‘he’s better than the Vegas odds-makers!’ No fuck stick he’s an ape who just threw a hunk of shit at you.
PS Always bet with the manatees, they’re the cow of the sea and cows are awesome. Tricked you with that rant huh? Broncos all day


“Is this bitch trying to get me naked already?”

Yahoo-Frank Arce’s story of survival is nothing short of miraculous. The Longview, Washington resident and employee of the Swanson Bark and Wood Products Company works with machines that turn bark into wood chips. KATU News reported that when one of the wood chippers got jammed, Frank climbed into the shut off machine to retrieve the object causing the jam. This was all in accordance with the company’s standard practices. When he was inside the wood chipper’s narrow barrel, he heard the terrifying sound of the machine’s engine starting. Someone outside started the machine, unaware that Arce was within it. The spikes and claws of the wood chipper were activated and Arce was trapped.
KATU spoke with Arce from his room at PeaceHealth SW Washington Medical center. Surprisingly the survivor told KATU, “Actually going through the machine itself wasn’t the worst part about it.” He said the worst part was, “…the not knowing what was going to happen.”
During the ten-seconds the machine was on, the Washington man remained conscious. He sustained seven broken ribs, a broken pelvis, a shattered ankle, bruised liver, broken leg, a collapsed lung and a deep cut running the length of his back.

Even from his hospital bed where he is being treated for the severe injuries, Mr. Arce said, “I’m feeling alright. I mean, not too bad. It’s been a rough couple of days but I’m doing good. I’m hanging in there.”


Fuck that shit! I know this guy is on all the morphine in the state of Washington, but he still seems a little too laid back for having just taken a ride through a wood chipper! A WOOD CHIPPER! On the top of my list for unimaginable ways to die, I have face first through a wood chipper right up there with drowning while watching your family get set on fire and looking at the spirit flying out of the Ark of the Covenant. Holding onto a fence at a park while an atom bomb goes off probably sucks too. I’m glad this kid lived and all and I think he might be fucking that reporter right this minute (he definitely was trying to get her in his hospital bed to check out his scars) but I’m oddly disappointed that Fargo is apparently a giant lie. I guess the body does not transform into a 100% blood bag as its being fed into a tree blender.

Also, if you’re employed by Swanson Bark and Wood Products Company and your job title is Log Getter, don’t you assume this is going to happen one day? You can be hung over on this job exactly one time, and the next thing you know you’re a bag of mulch.


My apologies for the dumb comments on this one…

Gawker- Kristy Althaus, runner-up in the Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 pageant—one of the feeder pageants for Donald Trump’s Miss Universe operation—seems to have lost her status as the second-best Colorado teen of 2012 after a porn video apparently featuring her emerged on the internet last week. A tipster directed us to a video posted January 24 on the website starring a woman who bears a strong resemblance to Althaus, the woman in red in the video above. On Tuesday, a longer clip from the video on identified its star as a “Miss Teen Colorado Runner Up.” Both links are very NSFW. In the video, a man who is off-camera asks the dark-haired star how old she is. “I’m 18,” she replies. “And this is definitely your first adult video?” “Yes, it is,” she says. In that fall 2012 pageant, Althaus was one spot away from traveling to New York as her state’s representative to the Miss Teen USA pageant—and she could vault into the national spotlight if, as the emcee said, the champion “is unable to fulfill her reign.”
Here’s the link to her (full length) alleged video THIS LINK DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE. NEW BLOG HAS NEW LINK

Another one bites the dust, as they say. Apparently becoming a teen pageant queen is not very lucrative or these chicks just love to fuck on camera. Either way, Blown Call fully supports their decisions. Who wouldn’t? Like how can anyone try and shame these girls? Their whole lives they are told how beautiful they are, how pretty they are, how hot they are, and you expect them to sit in class all day studying chemistry and shit? These girls are going to gravitate to the nearest profession that continues to blow up their egos about how hot they are and pays the most, which is porn. Sure they are going to have to work their way up the ladder and do some weird shit, but one day they could be the next Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, or Riley Reid and rake in the dough. And I say good luck girls, I’m sure I will be fully supporting your career by not paying for your videos due to the unlimited amount of free sites.