To the man who has inspired millions of prank calls, radio bits, radio shows, and getting chicks to get naked in public, we here at Blown Call Sports would like to wish Howard Allan Stern, Happy Birthday. If there is a talk radio show that you like, he is the reason. If someone pranks a live television show, they are saying Ba Ba Booey. He is the most fined radio host of all time and each of those fines broke a new mold for what we have on the radio now. He had a number one book, number one nationwide radio show, and number one movie. The hands down best interviewer in any medium. He can make you piss your pants laughing while having Sal and Richard lick each other’s taints and on the edge of your seat while he live broadcasted the horror that was 9/11. He’s really done too much to mention without sounding like a fag but he really is one of the most iconic, influential entertainment personalities of all time. It’s a fucking shame it took him until 2012 to be in the Radio Hall of Fame but better late than never, even though Howard doesn’t give two fucks. Happy Birthday again Howard, hope you stay on radio until your fuckin 90, it gets better every year.

PS Going to fully stalk out the $52 million mansion down in Palm Beach.

Here are some of my favorite prank calls from the show



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