SB Nation- Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been facing the charge of murdering Odin Lloyd since this past summer. Now, the case against against Hernandez is in jeopardy. Carlos Ortiz, thought to be the star witness for the prosecution, has been left off the witness list, according to Pro Football Talk. Ortiz has been deemed “completely unreliable” since he has changed the story he originally told authorities. The prosecution will now have to find another way to go after Hernandez, who has been in custody. Hernandez is accused of killing Lloyd, a former semi-pro football player, then trying to hide and destroy evidence with the help of his girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins. If convicted of the murder, Hernandez could be facing life in prison. Ernest Wallace, who was also allegedly in the car with Hernandez at the time of Lloyd’s murder, won’t be testifying against Hernandez.

Better not snitch bro

Better not snitch bro

That is how you get away with murder people. When you are surrounded by drug addicts and actual street thugs, you can do whatever you want. Carlos Ortiz, the drug addict, knew that if he ever testified in court he would probably be killed shortly after either in jail or on the street. So many people who had info on this case or on Hernandez have died “mysteriously”. A guy driving a perfectly normal car crashed into a fucking wall. Hernandez has been keeping a lot of people employed where he is from and they will kill and rot in jail for that guy so if Ortiz uttered one fucking word he would be stabbed the next day. Wallace isn’t saying shit and Lloyd is dead so there is no chance Aaron gets convicted, there’s no one else that can say he did the job. In what seemed like the most open and shut case, the guy will get off of murder. And the day he gets released I sure as shit hope Mark Davis calls him and gives him a contract. He will fit right in with the murderers and thugs out in Oakland. Super Bowl city.



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